Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kristen: Waistbands and Mistakes

I had another sewing day with Becky! These snow days just keep coming...Unfortunately I became well acquainted with the theory that something can go wrong if it is at all even remotely somewhat a little itsy bitsy teeny weeny bit possible.


In my most reckless haste, I did not monitor my gauges while applying my waistband. The phrase "haste makes waste" comes to mind, and instead of moving forward to finish my sleeves, I spent most of the time fixing my mistakes.

I'm sure if they had a camera, 19th c. ladies would have made the same face

Here is my advice to you, my delicate reader: DO IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Seriously, save yourself the time and the effort. Also, don't be too upset if you make a mistake or two, as I often do. Based on the originals I have studied, our victorian counterparts were not perfect either. Embrace your mistakes, even the silly ones. They might be telling you to try a new technique, or even to take a break!

I feel better now

I was lucky that I did have a little time to start gathering my sleeves. I was able to finish one before I had to run home to make dinner. If I am to be quite honest, I should have been working on a paper for my linguistics class. *Sigh* Wouldn't it be nice if I could apply my "go get 'em" attitude to my studies right now?

***Editor's Note: I actually have finished 3 drafts of my paper, met with the professor, and plan on having at least 2 people edit before I turn it in. If you are reading this, you should totally disregard my negative attitude towards my studies; I am a good student who simply needs a little break...

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