Thursday, March 21, 2013

Becky: Rolled Hems

I always try to learn something new each project I do. This time I have a few "challenges".

  1. The many flounces on the skirt
  2. The double pagoda sleeve
  3. Creating an attached undersleeve
  4. Rushing at the armhole (armscye)
I am currently working on rolling the hems. The Sewing Academy and Elizabeth Stewart Clark's book shows a decent job of rolling hems, but I, for some reason, couldn't get it. 

So, onto Youtube!

This is the clip I found most helpful. The video is a little long, but that is what I need to understand the technique. 

I'm chugging along on the flounces. Mind you I have both sides of the fabric I must hem and there are 5 flounces on the dress. Along with that the flounces are GATHERED! Which means there are more than the width of the skirt! My skirts circumference is already 180 inches. Therefore, ONE flounce length is 240 inches... then multiply that by 5! Oh boy! Heaven help me!


  1. So that's how you make rolled hems! I've never seen that before. Do you know if you can do it on heavier fabric as well, or won't it roll correctly?


    1. Yes! I've tried 100% cotton and it rolls fine. I don't know about anything heavier though.



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