Thursday, March 28, 2013

Kristen: Day Cap Tutorial and Originals

A few weekends past I was able to attend a gathering with the 4th Michigan ladies and others. I know! I have been going to so many educational activities lately that I can hardly keep up with my posts! I know most of the ladies, and made a few friends. I love how this hobby brings together so many people! During the presentation I completed a tiny needle case for a newer young lady in the hobby. I've been dying to dig into my bright blue taffeta, and she loved it!

If I had more time, I would have embroidered a flower on the front

Lorna Mitchell-Paul of the 4th Michigan led the discussions, including a tantalizing look at a few original day caps. It was quite wonderful to sit and chat with the ladies. I even brought along my finished parasol to boost my sewing confidence use as an example. It feels nice to know that there are others who think about reenacting as often as I do! In the meantime, I snapped many pictures...

Credit K. Krewer for all originals, and her general awesomeness in the hobby

They all are made with either silk or cotton lace. The blonde lace cap is especially charming, and I did my best not to drool. Except I did drool when Lorna made lunch. Hot ham sandwiches, with a sauce that could solve all the world's problems. I ate too much, and then started my morning cap...

I didn't notice her face the first time. Now it seems kinda funny...

I decided to go with a simple lace. Since I do not have cotton or silk, I had to work with a pretty lace I found at Haberman's, along with a blue velvet and light cotton batiste fabric.

Me resist shopping? I think not...

We started by cutting the basic pattern. This is based on an original's instructions. It called for darts and a rolled hem. I later finished the cap at a lovely Sewing Party held at Sue's house, but that is for another post...

Too tired for snarky comments. But oh! Pretty!

I even found time to attach the other sleeve to my dress. Now all I have to do is attach the cuffs and do the hem. Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon, eh?

I was going for the Savior pose...

Next week is going to be very special, since it is my spring break vacation from work. I plan to write a post a day chronicling my growing antique collection. You will be able to see the manifestations of my craziness. Thanks for reading, and especially thanks to our new followers!

To do List: (These actually do help!)

1. Finish hem for mourning dress
2. Attach cuffs
3. Choose Pattern for blue cotton floral



  1. Oh, those are adorable! Now I want one! :) Where does one wear a day cap? Only inside? If you have company over or all the time?


  2. Hello!

    I actually need to make a few changes to this post. Through research and a reliable guide, I've discovered that day caps were just not the thing during the Civil War. Now they did have morning caps, but those were just worn in the morning with a wrapper, not in front of company. I actually need to update my bonnet more than I need to work on a morning cap!




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