Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"Becky! You need to post something!" "Okay, Okay!"

Umm, so I havent posted in... forever.

So what have I been doing? 

I have been "behind scenes" working on the blog section " Get The Look" as well as keeping busy with sewing and researching. I have also been busy finding a house to move out with the boyfriend.

Im sorry that I failed to post anything.

This weekend I attended the Kalamazoo History Living Show and what an event! The atmosphere was almost as existing as a reenactment, if not more! There were eras from Early American to late Civil War. Ive been attending this event for a few years, but this year was different.

Not only did I bring my boyfriend, hoping to convince him that dressing up is fun, but I purchased nothing for my Civil War persona! 

Thats right! Im moving up! Well....maybe moving backwards. Im now working on Colonial wardrobe and my hopes are to one day work in an environment surrounded by its history; such as Fort Michilimackinac or maybe even Williamsburg, VA!

I had purchased all my patterns, looked at shoes, and bought my first silk fabric! Im not quite sure what to use the silk for, but it is the prettiest magenta/ olive green Ive ever seen!

The picture is inadequate to what it is in real life! 
Im not sure where or when my interest peaked for the colonial era, but looking at the fabulous Samantha Bullat and visiting Fort Michilimackinac in 2011 were defiantly influential!  


  1. Colonial era would be great to do. It's just too bad there are so few events in our area. But if you can get into Colonial Williamsburg or at Michilimackinac that would be awesome!
    Have you seen my post from a while back:

    1. Oh Mr. G! You're making me homesick! I cant wait to get back to the village! Theres only 20 days left!

  2. That fabric is divine! I've always loved the two-tone silk. Haven't made anything out of it yet though. I wish there were more Colonial reenactments in lower MI too.


    1. Yes! Im very excited to have purchased it! My inspiration will come when its ready!



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