Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Becky's Ffith(?)1860 Corset

So this is my... fifth Civil War corset Ive made? I swear, each time I make a new one my corsetry skills get better and better!

So story on this corset:

I was helping a friend, whom I thought was going to join the reenacing community, and began her corset. I would do one half of the corset while she did the other. We were 70% done with the corset when she had moved to a different state. Needles to say I took over. I needed it. My last corset, pictured above, was already fraying from one year.

To tell you the truth, I dont remember what type of cotton we had picked up from Joanns that day, but the material is lightweight and comfortable.

Ive used boning, boning casing and lacing from The Dress Maker's Shop. I had embroidered my last corset, but I decided against it this time, yet I made sure that there were "flossing"s on the end of each bone to make sure they stay in place.

I learned how to floss a corset and was very happy with the results.

Another difference was the hooks and eyes at the top and bottom. They are great to make sure they are closed. I also sewed a hook upside down on the front of the corset (see second/third picture) to wrap the laces around. Women did this to direct the laces away from the waist as to not have a large lace lump underneath the dress' waistline.


  1. Five corsets? Wow, I can't imagine! I'm working on one right now. It's rather slow going as I may or may not have sewn pieces of it together upside down... *ahem* Hopefully, now that spring break is here, I'll get it closer to being done. How many layers of coutil do you put in them? Also, I've read online that they wear out after about a year. Is that about right?


    1. Yes, thats right! Can you imagine how fast one would wear down after wearing one every day? Good luck on making one!



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