Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Kristen: Semi-sheer mourning dress Part 1

I love being able to write about what I've done for the week! Since this weekend I will be spent celebrating my boyfriend's birthday (oh, and parent-teacher conferences twice) I've decided to post a little early. This has certainly motivated me to continue my sewing during weeks when I normally wouldn't.

Whenever I sew a new dress, I try to learn from a mistake from a past sewing experience and apply the new knowledge. There are so many tiny details that I have missed in the past or ignored because I was impatient. Well, I have at least a basic wardrobe completed, and I have several months before the first "big" event. Why not take it slow? Here are a few things I will keep in mind:

1.   Sew by hand when possible.
2.   Press with an iron when instructed to do so.
3.   Open the armholes a bit because they're  usually too tight (I'm picky).

With these in mind, I began my new dress. If you're a relatively new seamstress, these photos can be very helpful! I know when I first started, any instructional pictures were gold!

First, I cut out the pattern that I had chosen from paper. I completed changed my mind and decided to recreat a pleated bodice, Past Patterns 701. It was the first pattern I'd ever done, so I was slightly nostalgic while pinning the paper to the fabric.

After cutting out all of my fabric, I laid it out on the floor to get an idea of how things would be pieced together. I am a very visual person, so this part is important!

Then I matched the white lining by the shoulder to the inside of the black fabric. I cut the lining a little bit, and then laid then on top of each other. After that, I folded over the selvage where the hook and eyes will be, pressing it with my iron. After that, it was a simple whip stitch, and I was done! (And by simple, I mean more complicated because I kept tangling my string)

 Once I finished, my impatient self returned and I started playing with the fabric on my dress form. The lighting is off, but I'm beginning to see a bodice! Just seeing this picture again makes me want to go back to my sewing room!

 And last but not least, I must share one of my "finds" from Haberman's Fabrics (which is just up the road from my house). While dodging old ladies with piles of fabric, I snagged a piece of something soft and silky from the remnants pile. Lucky I did before one of those women tackled me for it! (Only slight exaggeration). It was 100% Silk Duchesse, a half-yard piece. I think it will be used for the needle book I will be making soon. 
 I'm thinking a lovely white silk shell with blue glass beads, green leaf beadwork, and a soft cluster of grapes to one side. Am I not the most spoiled little thing ever? Any thoughts? (On my needle book, not my spoiled nature, though if you must...)


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