Saturday, January 12, 2013

The First Post: Kristen, Carrie, and Becky Sew

For out first post, we have decided to meet and start with a few different projects. Here, Carrie is finishing up a chemise...

 Don't thread your finger!

Carrie, who is at the beginner level of sewing, today accomplished the following:
1. Learned how to thread a bobbin
2. Sewed together yoke
3. Felled a seam
4. Made gathers on the yoke of the chemise
 Carrie's accomplished gathers

Carrie's quote of the day? "I'm confused." Luckily, Becky is a talented seamstress (and Kristen is talented at not being a good helper...)

I don't get it!
Much of Becky's work included helping Carrie and I with smaller projects, but she did manage to work on a pair of braces for her father. They have been a two year project, but will look amazing at the next Civil War reenactment!
  I wish I had daughters to sew for me!

Becky has made it very clear that Carrie MUST finish the chemise before she leaves, even if it takes until the wee hours of the morning! Unfortunately I am not as dedicated to my sewing, and Becky does complete beautiful work!
 Becky modeling the latest design from Paris...
As for myself, I started working on an embroidered cross design. A fellow English teacher at the school I work at asked me to create a communion stole and banner for his son. I had planned on using a basic felt design, but found it to be lacking in...something. So I jumped on board the embroidery bandwagon!

 I look more tired than I feel!

Crosses seem fairly easy, but I found it difficult to focus on keeping lines straight. I suppose that will come with experience!

 Note the Celtic design; they're Irish!

Our next meeting is planned for February 16th, which will take place at my house with the 21st Michigan. I have not planned a group sewing event before, but based on my experience, it has been quite fun! 

In the meantime, Carrie, Becky, and I plan on contributing to the blog at least once a week. Since we are all working on our own projects, you will see a beginner, novice, and experienced seamstress' perspective of things!

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!
    I look forward to seeing great things from you talented ladies!



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