Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Becky: Hook and Eye Tape Tutorial

Hello again!

Kris,Carrie and I have made great progress this week! Our sewing projects are being accomplished faster than any of us have imagined. It feels wonderful to have support and encouragement to continue sewing.

I have almost completed the custom dress I have been working on since our group started. Its only been a few weeks ago I bought the fabric. It takes me forever to decide on which fabric I want, what to do with the fabric, and the longest part of finishing a project for me to to work on it; it would usually take me a month for one dress!

Here is a tutorial on using hook and eye tape, which is SO much easier than placing, and sewing on hooks and eyes on its own. I highly recommend using hook and eye tape!

Step One: with your neckline pipped, but not finished, fold the lining and fashion fabric inward. *Keep fashion fabric fold protruding the lining to cover up hooks.*

Step Two: Tuck hooks into the two fabrics, hooking them on the lining fold. *Keep the hook and eye tape connected!*

Step Three: Do the same to the other side with the eyes

Step Four: Sew hooks on the lining but catch minimum fashion fabric to it does not move.

Step Five: Whip stitch the eyes. Dont forget to whip stitch inside the eyes too!

Then complete the look by tucking, folding and sewing the pipping on your neckline and or waist!

This was one technique that I wish I knew before making my first dress and I hope you have a better look on how to use hook and eye tape!



  1. Hello - Thanks so much for this. I am going to attempt to use hook and eye tape on a butted edge of my Victorian bodice. I have used it to success a couple of times with an overlap and a fake button front. I am having a hard time with your step one. Can you give me a more detail or more pictures, if you have them? Thanks so much!

    1. Ill have to get back with you when I have a bodice I have to add tape to.



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