Monday, January 28, 2013

Sew Along: Carrie, Kristen, and Becky

Another week we could all get together! I look forward to these days when we can all sit and focus on our individual projects. Fortunately, I have my camera on hand to document our progress...
 Becky finishing the hem on a dress
Carrie researching for her next project
 It can be very difficult to keep sewing during these long winter months. Since it is considered the "planning" season for reenactors, it is essential to start any projects that need to be completed by summer. The problem is usually motivation!
Seeing it come together makes it all worth it!
 Carrie working on the last of her chemise
It is interesting to watch three different levels of sewing all in the same room! Becky is making a dress for a friend's Civil War presentation, a lovely blue dress! I am working on my mourning dress, completely handmade. Meanwhile, Carrie finished up her chemise.

This next weekend is our group meeting, and we are excited to see everyone! Every day is one step closer to the reenacting season!
A sneak peek before my piping tutorial!


  1. Wow!
    Carrie - is that your new dress?

  2. Sadly, it is not. Becky is making it for a girl out of state, I believe. She needed someone to try it on so she could hem it.



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