Sunday, October 6, 2013

Kristen: Wolcott Mill

Well, dear reader, I have committed an offense so heinous in nature, so grotesque, that I very well may die of embarrassment before you finish reading this post. I...went to a reenacment in modern clothes!
You mean Converse are not Civil War appropriate??

This farby day trip was the result of several papers/presentations due at the same time for my master's classes, and my complete exhaustion from playing soccer on Friday night. I've never blogged about Wolcott Mill, and I thought it looked absolutely beautiful all decked out in autumn attire...

Wolcott Mill is an excellent reenactment; the scenery is gorgeous, and it is considered the last "hurrah" with camping until Greenfield Village in May of next year. As a result, everyone did poke fun at me for not coming dressed up...and I caught their priceless endeavors on camera.

I also had the opportunity to do what I do best at reenactments; "borrow" food from my fellow reenactors! There is something excellent about chicken stew or apple pie baked right over the fire. I think the correct modern term for me would be mooch!

Did I also mention that I am (very) baby crazy right now? Since getting engaged in July, I keep hearing the distant sounds of wedding bells and babies cooing. The tiny Civil War outfits are so adorable! I see the little ones toddling about, and I can't help but to get excited for my own one the far off future of course. I still like this all-about-Kristen time.
This little guy took my camera...and a selfie!

Unfortunately I couldn't stay all day, so after many more pictures and goodbyes, I bid adieu to the 2013 regular reenacting season. The 21st Michigan and others hold events throughout the winter, but this is the last camping reenactment for quite a few months. These pictures will just have to hold me over until...well, my cemetery walk in a few weeks!




  1. It looks like it was a fun weekend! I thought about going, but it's a good 2.5 hours away and I was plenty busy as it was. I love all your pictures of the little kids, but my favorite picture of all is the one of the china doll. :)




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