Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Kristen: Regency Short Stays Part I

I've recently had a quick moment (between family, reading, working, and exercising) to work on my new Regency short stays! I am using the Sense and Sensibility pattern, which you can buy here. I recommend this pattern very highly, though it did run a bit large on me.
Also, you need two adorable cuddling dogs

I am by no means an advanced seamstress; those of you with experience would laugh at my feeble attempts (and sometimes bleeding fingers!). Yet I am proud of this project so far, even if I've made a few mistakes.
Cut pattern (I'm size 8ish)
Cut gussets
Iron down edges
Prepare to attach gussets
Pin them down
Make sure they're pinned!
Sew them down
...and then attach everything else!

So I may have skipped a few steps in here, though if you buy the pattern it will be very clear. The goal is to create a "shelf" of a bosom, and I noticed that immediately when trying it on (with a chemise underneath). So far the process has not been terribly difficult, and all I have left is to bone and bind. Ideally this would be done in the next week, because I would like to start my Regency dress for the Jane Austen tea on  December 8th! Here's just a peek, you nosy neighbor you!

By the way, I think I'll watch Pride and Prejudice at some point this week. I need a little Elizabeth Bennet to liven up these dreary fall nights...

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  1. Looks awesome! Where are you putting the boning?



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