Monday, October 14, 2013

I Still Claim Part of this Blog! -Becky

I still claim part of this blog, but it seems like Kris is taking over this month!

I haven't done any sewing, but I am planning a major baby shower! Im expecting close to 60 people!
We finally set the date for the shower this morning! I am so behind on everything. I have a lot of help, but deciding who would be great at a certain job is still undecided.

Plus the theme of this shower has switched! I had bought duck invitations, thinking I would have a rubber ducky theme, but there have been too many suggestions to do a Christmas/ winter theme. Im quite overwhelmed! Now I have duckie invites for a "Baby it's cold outside" baby shower. Humph!

So with an update:

Ive stopped working on a pregnancy corset. It may be easier to make a post prego corset with nursing flaps.

I went to Ft Wayne with my future Father-In-Law. I enjoyed my day trip and my father and step-mom did a great job as tour guides for the F-I-L and Step- Mom's parents. That day was the first time I met Andrea and Jillian.

Jillian and I spent a day at Joanns and washing some fabric for her corset.---We havent touched it since :/

Wolcott Mill was a bust! There were so many things that went wrong. There were ways that I could have attended on Saturday, but no one updated me on it. I made it on Sunday, I had some trading and people depended on me being there. It was canceled when my boyfriend and I walked though the gate.

And personal updates:

Almost every weekend is booked with my boyfriend. This week was so hectic! This was my weeks prep for a wedding on Friday:

Monday I searched for shower favors, gift ideas, and table candy. I also had a well needed manicure and pedicure. Doing my eyebrows was a fabulous bonus!

Tuesday I went for a Dr. apt and found that I have gained, and gained a lot.

Wednesday was another shopping day. I purchased some shoes. I never buy shoes until the one's Im wearing are broken. I also bought a dress with tights, but the next day I had to return the dress when I found a better fitting one the next day.

Thursday I went back to shopping with my younger cousin at Motherhood maternity. I never thought that I would like the mature look that the store sells, but I LOVE the store! So with buying a dress from Motherhood, I had to return the other dress that was too large.

Friday was the biggest prep day! I got my hair done. Colored, cut and styled for the wedding hours away. The driving situation was never determined and made the whole day uneasy. We never did make the wedding because the boyfriend's brother arrived late from work, didn't fit into any of his clothing and decided we need to buy him a shirt that day. I was quite mad. He literally wore the shirt that he bought minutes before the reception!

The reception was great. The table arrangements were appropriate and I enjoyed who I was assigned with. I didnt dance, I found the people I sat with were more entertaining than I would be on the dance floor. They talked about how all three weddings were the week after the other. They made a big bachelor party in Vegas and what wild time that they had.

Since then I have been conditioning my body to switch back for work. Im exited to go back on a mini vacation for my boyfriend and I's first anniversary in Frankenmuth in two weeks!

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