Sunday, October 13, 2013

Kristen: Fall with the Family

As of late I've been feeling a bit "family sick." This is akin to homesickness, except it is centered around seeing family members. So I packed my car and my sewing and drove out to South Rockwood, MI to watch fall begin with my parents and neighbors.

The air is just starting to get crisp, and the trees are starting to turn colors. In the front yard my parents have a few apple and pear trees. They do not spray them for bugs, though the natural beauty of the whole scene tends to be peaceful even with their incessantly angry buzzing.

Our neighbors passed the time by coring apples in preparation for apple butter (that I will not be tasting since I had to leave the next day...) They brought their dogs too, and they nipped at apple pieces whenever given the opportunity. There was no mess left behind! I need to snag that recipe sometime soon...

I'm very grateful to have this oasis of calm whenever I feel a bit stressed by school and work. Simply walking around their yard soothes even the most worried student, and I often did this trip back in my undergraduate days. I also made everyone dinner: red pepper/tomato bisque soup with honey and cheese rolls. It felt so good to relax! I am alleviated by this time that I desperately needed.

Unfortunately I have to return to reality, which includes reading with healthy doses of exercise and sewing. I am rejuvenated, ready to survive another hectic week 


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