Saturday, October 19, 2013

Kristen: Regency Stays Part II

So I've learned quite a bit in the past few weeks. Gussets, binding, corsetry; I am really stepping up my knowledge with each project. However, I forgot probably the most important thing of all: I've lost weight.

It's not just a few pounds weight either. I'm sweating 6 days a week, battling through coed soccer and weightlifting. In the space of 6 weeks I've lost over 10 pounds (I swear I'm eating healthy! Just not heavy on the sugar anymore...) I'm delighted, but I've lost a feel for how my clothing fits.

Where was I? Oh yes-my Regency short stays. They're finished, boned and all. Here are the shots that I could get, whenever I wasn't hemorrhaging from sticking my finger under the needle. After basting together my layers, I added boning (4) and sewed together the gussets. Most of the rest was eyelets and binding.

At some point ink found its way onto the linen, and I'm surprised it's not dripping in tears and blood. The gussets turned out okay, though I had to go back and resew a few times. Overall, not a bad first set of Regency stays.

They are of course slightly too big. I am underestimating my weight loss when measuring myself, and a part of me is afraid to cut too small. What if I gain all that back? I like my healthier self and would like to stay this way!

Well, now that my dear reader has seen my in my skivvies, I suppose I can retire my scandal for the moment. That is, until I put up another blog post for my master's class about 18th century rakes...


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  1. Good job! They look lovely. As long as the stays dont slip around on your body, a bit more room is ok for Regency I reckon. And you could always make another pair if you need to! The second is always so much easier! :)



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