Monday, June 1, 2015

Greenfield Village 2015

As always, the Greenfield Village Civil War reenactment kicks off the start of the Michigan season. We dust off our tents, mend torn petticoats, and pack enough to feed both the North and South. I've written posts about this event numerous times; in the 2013, 3-part series (Day 1, 2, 3) and 2014.
Yet 2015 held a different form of awesomeness: this year, I was a vendor!
(Ps-All photos by Ken Giorlando)
My stoic, prepared face

I met SO many people this year, had interactions with far more spectators than I ever have before. Glenna Jo has proposed this theory in the past; people know how to interact with vendors because that type of relationship exists today. We often go shopping and come in contact with retail clerks. It is a part of the 19th century that continues, and oh did it keep me busy! So busy.
How I actually felt...

Setup took a very long time, as I like having things just so. I found an amazing print of Washington hugging Lincoln on their way to heaven, so in honor of the departed presidents, I created a mourning section of my shop. Also notice my notebook of documentation in the other picture. That was probably one of my favorite parts of my presentation! It was certainly appreciated by like-minded reenactors...

Mr. Giorlando's daughter Rosalia helped me quite a bit throughout the weekend, fussing around the jewelry. She would adjust corners, straighten jewelry, and restock when I became incredibly busy. She's a hard worker, and I'd certainly ask for her help again! Nice job :)

Did I mention that I was busy? In the space of one weekend I sold more jewelry than both Kalamazoo and Springfield events combined. While I do have pieces leftover, the majority of my stock is gone! The compliments I received from my fellow reenactors helped motivate me throughout the weekend. Their support makes me want to be a better reenactor! 

And now I must recover. In less than two months I participated in so much:

Becky's wedding, my fiance's return from school, the Springfield Funeral Event, conferences, graduation, Culture Day (a school-wide activity that I planned), Greenfield Village, my grandparents' 50th wedding anniversary, my soon-to-be-Aunt Val's wedding shower, and my other grandma's 78th birthday party (and so many hospital visits to see her!).

I think I have earned my break...or not. I'm going to Mexico :)


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