Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Fort Wayne: Colonial Reenacting

Oh hello again there, blog! You must think I've forgotten about you! Definitely not, but there's something about the school year ending that makes me less likely to write...summer vacation is wonderful as a teacher. And it makes me a bit lazy about my writing. However, I find myself hurrying to do so many events that I didn't have time for during the year!
Too lazy to even tie my own shoes!

Ken Giorlando, over from Passion for the Past, has been nudging me towards 18th century reenacting for a few years. It has been a slow process-first the stays, then the shoes and fabric as Christmas presents, and then...nothing. My business made me incredibly busy for a few months, and branching out felt impossible. Until now.

Ken Giorlando took every photo in this post...he knows how to bribe me into another century!

I used the JP Ryan pattern for the bodice, with little modification. The petticoat came together quite easily with a little help from Koshka's tutorial. Finally, I slapped some silk on that bergère hat and called it a day. Wait no...I made an apron too. In the car. After a family camping trip that involved marshmallows, mud, and a head injury. Hooray!
And then someone pointed a gun at me...
I arrived to the event a bit late; the threat of severe thunderstorms made many of the reenactors close up a bit early. I was welcomed with open arms, and I found myself with a group of people much like my 19th century family (well, the Giorlandos were there too!). We took pictures, chatted, and then scurried inside when the heavy rains fell. While it was slightly uncomfortable to wear unfamiliar clothing, I was delighted by their company, and I hope to return to the time period for the Kensington event later this summer!

Alas, my lazy summer attitude is kicking in. As I type the sun peeks through the window of my room, taunting me! My fiance sometimes marvels at my energy, running from one activity to the next. With the exception of that head injury, I'd say I'm not slowing down anytime soon!


***P.S. I pinkie swear promise to myself and everyone here that I will do a research blog post ASAP.  

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  1. Welcome to the 1770s! We're so glad you made it!
    You're going to LOVE it here!!



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