Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Kristen: Port Sanilac, Married and (nearly) Buried

We all wear many hats at reenactments, but I can say without a doubt, that this past weekend at the Port Sanilac reenactment, I wore the most.

First, let's start with the rain. After a quick setup, I sat back to relax and enjoy the night it rained horrifically, soaking everything outside of my tent. Instead of sewing, I got to bail water into my brand new tub! I filled it close to 15 times of water pooling under my tent fly.

I was so worried that my carpets would be ruined! I laid down hay, but occasional water would seep through the entire weekend. The night was colder, and I slept with 6 wool blankets folded over twice each. I awoke to our lovely little village stirring, and the unfortunate fact that I would be married.
Have you heard? Miss Nellie has gone and done it again...

Last year I had a shotgun wedding with a young confederate named Marty. This year, a Zouave named Scott was picked from the crowd, and we were dragged to the church by my angry father Red and a cheeky preacher.
 What do you mean "Pick him out"? I don't remember his name!
Pa no! I don't want to get married...again... 
My "beloved" tried to make a run for it!
Married at last!

Usually this is the end of the game for poor Nellie and her unfortunate husband. However, this time included a twist-my old husband Marty showed up! I could have sworn he was dead; I read it in the paper! My second marriage was annulled, but alas the two men could not resolve the issue.
 My second husband shot by the first!
 Then my Pa Red shot both Marty and I!
Dear friends carried me away. My injury to my reputation was the worst!

Having been married and nearly buried on one day surely built up an unlady-like appetite, and I was lucky to have camped with Sofia, the great provider of all things tasty. My corset did not appreciate these meals!
I also had the opportunity to play Nellie Auginbaugh as well, administering aid to the wounded soldiers during battle with my bloodied apron. Mr. Giorlando wrote an excellent post here that went more in-depth about the townspeople. I would just like to add that I held bloody bandages, hauled a body, and chased down Red with a shovel when he stole my jewelry. Altogether perfect!

 My mother (Mrs. Paladino) and our neighbor Sally kept watch against greedy Rebs!
Though we cheered and passed out nourishment when our own boys came to town!
A bloody sight no proper young lady should witness. Note the blood!

Part of the reason I love the Port Sanilac reenactment so much is the opportunity to just hang out and explore the buildings. All in attendance were good company, and many a laugh could be heard throughout the camp.

Miss Stephanie shows off her lovely rosettes
Never an idle hand!
 Elizabeth Thorn, so great with child!
 A bit of fashion from a sutler!
 Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Cook practice music and sketching!
 A beautiful dress in the house
 I found a hair wreath! That house had everything!
  Finally, I was able to show off one of my surprise projects! I made a quick wrapper for myself but didn't have time to wear it. Stephanie borrowed it for a bit, so I just had to snap a few pictures!
Sadly, my the reenactment did have to end. To make a list of all of my accomplishments of the weekend: water bailer, seamstress, tarnished woman, married woman, nearly murdered woman, nurse, body collector, Nellie Auginbaugh, public speaker, fighter of rebels, and at the last hour, a domestic!
I hiked my skirts into my cage to keep from tripping.

I don't know how it is possibly, but somehow each reenactment gets better and better. Perhaps my enjoyment of the people and surroundings has improved. Whatever it is, I can't wait for the next!


  1. What an amazing time! Thank you for all you did to make it a success!!

  2. It looks like you had a great time! That food sure looks tasty! :) I wish I could have been there, but I'll be at Jackson for sure.




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