Thursday, August 29, 2013

Becky: Maternity Corset Update

Hey ya'll! Im happily back into my sewing grove! Last week I attended a well needed visit to the sewing party that is hosted every week. I was selling my fabrics and had linen left over. I decided to start my corset then!

Im using Past Patterns 705, like Ive said before, which has three corsets in one pattern! View C is dated at 1890ish, but the author has stated that The Workwoman's Guide of 1830-40's has similar instructions as this corset.

This corset is different from any other corset Ive made before and if you can believe it, it stumped me! There is no lining because the fabric is folded already. This makes the bust gussets in the fold and makes finishing the edges a little more difficult. I've added some pictures on the hip gussets and how they are created.  

From other corsets patterns, such as Simplicity 9769, the pattern asks to interlock the gusset on top of the corset. For a visual, lay your fingers on top of each other, having your nails towards the palm of the other hand. Now make a "C" to both of your hands and then pull the opposite direction. This is the technology that I am used to.

However, this pattern in particular asks to fold the edges in, base stitch, then sandwich the gusset piece between the two layers.

But beware of this process. Take your time in sewing the sandwich together. As you can see here, theres a pocket made when the two layers are not aligned exactly. Just go back over the places you missed!

And as a little extra, I added floss to the corner of the facing. The reason that most corsets have this flossing is more to stop the fraying.

I hope next time I will have the corset done! Then I can start on the project that I really want to really work on! 

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