Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Becky: A Personal Update

Good afternoon!

I was hoping to have a peaceful moment in writing this post, yet my brother had just barged into the door and is now slamming the microwave door, demanding food. :/

Im bursting with excitement to find another blogger who is also expecting the same week I am, but she hasnt announced the baby to the internet world yet! I feel as if I know a secret before anyone else knows! How exciting!

Well, here is my progress on making a small human. I am 15wks and 2 days today! It has been such a big journey already. I am blessed that I have had no morning sickness, but everyone around me can tell that my hormones have unwired themselves.

Our journey began in June. When we found that we were expecting, both of us were excited, but I would say Andy (BF) was more excited. The DR told us that we were 5 wks and the precious package would arrive February 13. I find that our due day is between Abraham Lincolon's birthday (2/12) and St. Valentines day (2/14); What a coincidence! Although this is the second ultrasound, this is a better picture of the pea.

12 Wks

I posted my first picture of my belly at 12 wks, yet I couldnt hold the secret in and told Facebook well in advance. Some of my friends caught the hint when I was asking about the benefits and concerns of bringing baby to events ;) It is advised to announce the baby's due date after the first trimester, since the health of the baby is very fragile during the first three months.

13 Wks

At 13 wks, most, if not all family members knew of our grand news and I was more than happy to officially share the news to Facebook. However happy we might be, our medical bills rolled in day by day, and the amount seemed to got higher and higher. Andy and I have compromised to go to a birthing center with the feel of a home birth and still have the hospital attached, yet I still believe that a home birth will be much cheaper. 

14 Wks

We have began planning the arrival of baby David James or Cynthia Grace well in advance to be better prepared, yet no one can be completely prepared for a new arrival. I guess I can say that I walked Andy through the baby stores gently. We first began at Target and Walmart, then graduated to the big baby store: Babies R Us. BOY! was THAT an experience! We, as new parents, were VERY overwhelmed with the place. Not only was there everything that we need, plenty of things that we didnt need, but as soon as we walked into the door, there were employees at hand left and right! We came out alive and Im proud that Andy did not bolt out of the door. I later did a registery online, yet we do have to go back, eventually, to redefine the list.
Together, we have also started cleaning out rooms for baby gear. We dont have much room in my room, but Andy has been looking for a house, hopefully before February! I fear that I will have to make 3 nurseries before the baby is 2! So, along with cleaning my room, Andy's family has a cottage in Canada. We plan to take the baby up there and make the nursery in Andy's old bedroom. And when we move, that would make 3 nurseries! Oh boy!


Talking about boys, I would love a boy. I hear that they are mamma's boys and would love to raise a little man!
This week I plan to work on the baby showers. Yes, Ill be having two showers! The first one will be a civil war shower in which I hope to get very useful civil war gear for baby. I think its planned the weekend before my birthday and will be held at a local old school house. Kris has been planning this and she has not told me a word about it!
The other shower will be a modern one, more towards family. It will be held, most likely in January. I plan to have a "shower" theme. I love the idea of an umbrella with rain drop streamers rolling off over the gift table and clouds over the tables. There will also be rubber ducky theme to go along, such as rubber duckies in the blue punch bowl and blue and yellow place settings.
I get to find out the sex of the baby at our next visit to the DR, yet I dont want to know. I hope Andy will make a good choice of revealing cake at the baby shower! There are streamers for baby showers, one saying: "Waddle it be?" with duckies on them, but the other streamer says boy/girl and the guests are to use clothes pins to vote on what they think the baby will be. There are so many cool ideas on Pinterest that I used! Here is my Pinterest broad with all the ideas!

As I conclude my post, I think about the journey that I have experienced and the journey that I see walking through. There will be ups and downs, goods and bads, yet I know that it will be worth it. I have a loving boyfriend who will support me and carry me through the rough times and will place me on his shoulder in praise during the grand times. I couldnt have asked for anything better. We may have started things backwards, but I know that in a few years, we will be a family; wife, husband, and a house!

Drinking: Vanilla Chi Latte
Listening to: Dominican Sisters of Mary Mother of the Eucharist: Mater Eucharistiae
Feeling: Mixed feelings- Proud, Joy, Hope
Current Projects: Linen nursing corset


  1. Congrats! The baby gear can actually be super-streamlined... we had four without buying a crib, or 9/10th of the rest of the gear everyone (in the Infant Industrial Complex, anyhow) says is required. Tiny humans are wonderfully portable. :D

    1. Thanks! Id love to know what I can get away with!



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