Friday, April 1, 2016

Civilian Symposium Day 3-4

....Aaaaand busy! I have quite a few awesome updates, but I want to start by finishing up my adventures at the Conference. First, there are no pictures of originals...I'm still kind of sorting them. They're really good learning tools, though I need time to chase down who went where. Expect additional pictures (eventually).

The rest here is a series of pictures taken at random times throughout the conference. I was having so much fun that I didn't even think to bring out my camera most of the time. Like seriously. My mind absorbed so much in one weekend that I'm convinced I can't learn anything for at least another year!
 I have no idea why I was making this face...
 Larissa showing off her proud pinky
 The marvelous interpretations of fabric by the presenters
 Michigan winners of the lunchtime raffle
And Samantha Mansfield, being fabulous

Sadly, next year's conference will not be held. Carolann Schmitt added a message to the website that the symposium would be on a brief hiatus, at least until 2018. My mom and I were very disappointed, on every level. She had even started planning our next trip! It was a bittersweet return to Michigan...

But I started thinking...really thinking. 

Could we hold a conference here in Michigan?


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