Thursday, April 14, 2016

Regency Exhibition Ball 2016

Let me just say, I've been trying for years to get to this ball. Last year we had Becky's wedding, and the year before that Cythnia came into the world. I have a growing collection of Regency dress, but I can't seem to stitch the time together to make it to the ball. Until this year!

Two flights, a snowstorm, and five million bobby pins later, I found myself at the Central United Methodist Church in downtown Lansing, Michigan. Glen Morningstar's gentle instruction flowed through the air. A harp, the titter of nervous laughter from a gathering of young ladies in the corner. The swish of silk. And dear god, the food.
Sue came along with me. We definitely DID NOT gossip!

At the Kalamazoo Living History show a few week prior, I found a lovely bit of fabric. The blue, block print inspired a sewing frenzy that can only be described wait, frenzy works. Luckily Regency dresses are quick compared to other time periods. And luckily Alyssa Lynch wasn't afraid to make the first few snips. In all honesty, I wouldn't have been able to finish has she not done the deed. The terrifying, cutting deed. But it is done and it turned out well!
The sunshine was free
And Katherine/Meeka enjoyed it too!

I have to mention that I did not dance! My beloved fiance could not attend, but even so I would have skittered around taking pictures/video. I'm more for the socialization! I chatted away for nearly the entirety of the ball. I imagine that Jane Austin and I would have gossiped in the corner of any gathering. I'm so ladylike myself!

I'm planning for next year already! And I think I'll use this dress for the JASNA birthday party in December. It is ridiculously comfortable, and complemented me well. 

I strongly recommend attending this ball. Between the food, dancing, and company, one can pass a pleasant afternoon! And at the very least, there are the hilarious pictures...



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  2. I love the print of your dress, and how you chose to cut the bodice. Too cute!

  3. Thanks for sharing information about this regency ball exhibition. Last month, I attended my friend's music event arranged by his sponsors at an iconic venue Houston. It was an amazing experience and among the best parties I ever attended.

  4. does sue have a blog? i believe I met her at the regency ball on saturday



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