Saturday, February 15, 2014

Kristen: HSF Challenge #4 Pink

The Challenge: #3 Pink
Fabric: 7 yards 
Pattern: Tailor's Guide Civil War Workdress, my own tweaks!
Year: Civil War 1860-64
Notions: Cotton thread, metal hooks/eyes
How historically accurate is it? It it very accurate with all the materials used, though I did machine stitch the skirt. It is made withe the correct materials and nearly the same period method (I attempted!).
Hours to complete: 10-20, still working!
First worn: Will be worn for Greenfield Village this year!
Total cost: $40-50
I fell in love with this pink pattern! At first I thought I was a bit young for pink, but I was reassured that I could wear this fabric. Plus, I often portray a much younger lady. Unfortunately work on my Master's thesis has interfered with the completion of this project. All I have left to do is the sleeves, waistband, and skirt. This dress will definitely stand out at my next reenactment!



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