Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kristen: 21st Michigan Civilian Meeting

Whew! So I've noticed how much less I've been posting on the blog this month. Since I'm not doing weekly academic posts for my blog (I have weekly times working on my thesis...), I have less of a blogging schedule. Things have gotten hectic after Christmas, and Becky's little one is just ready to be born soon! The timing of the 21st Michigan civilian meeting was perfect!
**All photos in this post by Ken Giorlando**

Part of the reason that I love the 21st Michigan so much is that the members truly enjoy each other's company. Everyone is friendly, and ready to gush about the improvements of the year. Another favorite aspect of this group; we want to continue authenticity, as well as have fun!

The meeting  was very productive. Ken Giorlando had plenty of compliments to offer the group, as well as key points to address for this upcoming season. Members chimed in to give advice or appreciate others. I took it upon myself to think of my own shortcomings; I can't sit still for more than 10 minutes, so I brought my sewing basket to work on whilst listening. Does the fabric look familiar??

I even had a short presentation prepared for the group! I created a worksheet (duh, teacher!) that asked my fellow members to write reenacting goals, list steps and resources, and then set a reasonable time line. It may seem like obvious advice, but with these chaotic times, it is easy to get overwhelmed! Everyone filled out the goals sheet, and waited patiently to eat some of that delicious chicken soup Mrs. Giorlando made for dinner. Also, I posed for some rather pensive looking photos. I always did have a dramatic flair...

Finally, everyone left...and I stayed to hang out! I've had a bit of a head cold as of late, and I just didn't feel up to the drive right away. The Giorlandos have a 19th century room in their house, with antiques, furniture, and period lighting. I could imagine escaping to this room to relax during a stressful modern day. At some point in my life I would like such a parlor in my home. Dreams for the future! 

 Now I'm ready to work on my thesis again...or maybe I'll just blog...


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