Sunday, February 2, 2014

Kristen: HSF Challenge #2 Innovations

The Challenge: #2 Innovations
Fabric: 4 silk/wool pashmina scarves
Pattern: Loosely based on La mode Bagatelle
Year: Around 1808-1814
Notions: Cotton thread, metal hooks/eyes
How historically accurate is it? It it very accurate with all the materials used, though I did machine stitch the skirt. The rest is hand stitched.
Hours to complete: 7-10, with many breaks
First worn: I will hopefully 
Total cost: $45
I chose this for the innovations challenge because I just keep seeing these lovely scarves pop up as dresses on pinterest! Kashmir shawls were a rare treat in England during the Regency period, and to be able to make one into a dress was a sure sign of affluence. Eventually Scotland developed their own version of the shawls, making them more affordable to the populace. At one time though, the kashmir was a sought-after innovation!

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