Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Kristen: Fort Wayne Civil War Reenactment

Perhaps now, dear reader, you assume that I am tired of reenacting. The stress of sewing, dressing, and driving to events has been too large of a burden, and that I am in a fit of hysterics. Well, you're wrong!
I did get a bit hysterical here...

I ended up "day-tripping" both days, meaning that I did not camp during the night. Since I live only 20 minutes away, it seemed like less work! The first day I spent more time in the beautiful house, playing parlor games or sewing. Who know just sitting around a house would be exhausting?
And some GORGEOUS wallpaper!

I also had the opportunity to walk through the rest of the fort. While this is not my first post about Fort Wayne, I still find plenty of moments that need a photo. Why is this place so beautiful?

On the second day my family visited, and we walked around a bit more. My feet were so sore! I also had the opportunity to meet new members of the 21st Michigan, and wear my yellow dress, hot off the sewing room floor!
-Ken Giorlando
-Ken Giorlando
I will be returning to Fort Wayne in the next few months, and to be honest I'd like to volunteer my time (when I can find it) to help clean/restore the fort when possible. While the city of Detroit might be experiencing financial difficulties, there is no reason to not support history, especially in honor of the many veterans that passed through those gates.

Finally, I'd like to note an odd creature who hangs about the beautiful house in which I spent most of my time. While her dress is pretty, unfortunately she has lost mobility of her right hand. She was so anxious at the idea of company, that she hid herself away in the back, stiff with fear. There was no comforting her either; she simply stared straight ahead like a statue in her terror.

And who says reenactors don't have any fun?



  1. I loved seeing the fort for the first time and playing parlor games with you. Thanks for letting me join in! I had to laugh at the end of your post. :) I'm going to make another dress about that color, but a little bit more blue once I find a place that has enough yardage.


  2. Can you recall the size of the Centennial needle-work piece?



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