Sunday, February 17, 2013

Kristen: Bodice Gathering, Waistband, and Piping Application

Another exhausting week! I think my students are able to smell my tiredness, and of course I have papers due just when I want to sew/craft! If only there were several of me, one to go to work, the other to class, and myself to just sit around and sew things.

And maybe finish working on my car. I need a new axle shaft still!

On another snow day this week (which was completely unnecessary) I found time to visit Becky to continue working on my mourning dress (which sadly, I have neglected for hairwork). I was avoiding it because I knew that I had to pull out the gathered waistband in order to regather to fit my shrinking waistline (yay!) Luckily for you readers, you will now get to see the process as shown to me by dear patient Becky.

2 strings next to each other. Knot together when pulled to correct gather

When you are finished with that part, make sure to tie the threads together. Maybe even check your fit by trying it on. I wish I would have done that the first time! Next, you'll move on to attaching the waistband. This is the way that I do it, followed by a crude drawing on paint in case it is still an issue for you.
 Lay out your waistband and newly gathered bodice

Start lining up the waistband on both sides

Pin neatly on both sides 

Run through with a basic stitch, and it should look nice and neat

And if you still can't visualize, here is a crude drawing

I should not have put that off. It was easy! I hope the picture helps too. I know when I first started sewing, I would read some of the instructions like they were in Greek. (I can read Spanish, but it's a no-go on Greek). Next I moved on to adding the piping, which again I thought would be so difficult that I would intentionally stab myself with needles to get out of doing it.

Here is that lovely piping I already made

Here it is lined right on the outside arm hole
You can't see, but the piping crosses at the dip in the arm hole

I just did an obscene amount of sewing today. I also learned how to gauge the skirt, but that will have to wait for another day! Looking back at my old posts, I wanted to at least finish my list before I posted next. Well, it sort of happened. At least I didn't wait several months, like I might have done in the past.

1. Re-gather the bodice to make a better fit Yay I did it!
2. Add the waistband Take that you silly waistband!
3. Finish creating all piping Puny Piping Problem Pulverized!
4. Start the armscye piping I call it an arm hole, but I know what I'm saying

I like lists. I like crossing out finished lists even more! I am lucky to have a patient Becky, nimble fingers, and a supportive audience. Thanks for reading!


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