Saturday, June 9, 2018

Kristen's Summer Reading Challenge

Oh no. Here I go again, doing a thing.

Summer Reading


As you probably already know, dear reader, I am a teacher. Teachers are blessed with so many things; smiling students, cheerful staff meetings, and the stray puddle of vomit at the end of the day. Summer vacation is that blissful time to get away from it all to preserve some semblance of sanity.


Teachers use the summer to refine lesson plans, design curriculum, plan new classroom setup, catch up on current teaching pedagogy, and set aside cash for those new books/carts/posters. While the day to day classroom teaching no longer exists, a sense of purpose certainly continues.

This summer, I would like to extend that learning time into my reenacting life. Sure, I read all the time. But it is usually for reference, and I hardly take many notes. Hence the beginning of an awesome summer reading challenge I have named...Kristen's Summer Reading Challenge. 

What is it?

Each week I will craft a blog post about a book that I've read, specifically one related to history. While many of these books will focus on the Civil War Civilian experience, I do enjoy Regency and Edwardian text. There's a good one about King Henry VIII too! I'm not limiting myself to a genre either, and I will gladly read fiction and non-fiction. 

Can I participate?

I would love to hear your thoughts about the books that I read, or recommendations for others like it. Maybe there's a line you just love, and have to share! While I don't have a specific "plan" for a group reading list, if enough people are interested, maybe we'll try in the fall?

To sum up...

Look for blog posts from me this summer. Read them. Enjoy them? And perhaps buy a book yourself and have a good summer!


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