Tuesday, April 24, 2018

April Post-Conference Recovery

Back to it!

I find that the conference eats up so much of my time every year. I love every little bit, but the decompression afterwards is a necessity. We've certainly planned for next year already (March 23-25, 2019, Monroe County Community College). However...it is so important that I spend this time regrouping and catching up on things I may have put on the back burner. Things like watching my little brother play in a baseball tournament, or going rock climbing. 

In my extra time, I've decided to pick up bullet journaling. Basically it's a book with dots that you turn into whatever you want. For me it has become a planner/goal tracker/list holder. I have all these cute little stencils that make the pages so adorable that it doesn't even feel like they represent work. I may form a Facebook group for my fellow history lovers who utilize historical themes (I have a few pages solely dedicated to that!). Maybe a blog post ahead? This summer?
My handwriting is atrocious. I accept this cruel twist of fate.

Also, the amazing Greenfield Village event is underway. While I do have a decent amount of stock left over from last year, I will need to really push to have enough jewelry/accessories/other to sell all weekend. I also like to add new items, which will include some hair ribbons (if I don't keep them) and painted floor cloths (which may stay with me too). I have to keep an eye on my wrists too; the "sewing soreness" can put me behind if I'm not careful.

All in all I think the last month gave me the breathing room I needed to proceed with the hobby I love. Sometimes you need a bit of time to refresh. Burnout Blues are definitely a thing! It helps that Michigan finally decided to cooperate in the whole "starting spring" department. That last ice storm was hardly conducive to work. She can be such a brutal place when she wants to be...

Good luck with your preparations for the season! I wish you all dresses that didn't shrink in the closet, shoe sets where one didn't walk away, and canvas free of little mice nibbles. Having experienced all three, I don't wish them on anyone else!


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