Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Sheer Dress Inspiration

I need a new sheer dress this year. This is non-negotiable. The good thing is that I have a few different sheer fabrics to choose from. The bad part? I have no intention of pulling out my sewing supplies on top of my beadwork, jewelry, floating teacup, and other general messy supplies. I must also think of the health of my beloved fiance, who nearly succumbed to a cleverly hidden pin.

To keep myself on track, to motivate me to get on task, I'm looking at a few originals to guide my scissors. Perhaps the pretty will push me to make the first stitch? In any case, ENJOY!

I know this is quite a range. Some early, some late, some foreign. I´m really not stuck on one specific pattern either. All I know is that if I do not have a sheer this year, my face will melt off. If looking at pretty dresses helps to keep my face from melting off, I am totally in!


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