Monday, March 7, 2016

Busy Little Bumblebee

So I've found myself a bit swamped after the Ohio Regimental Ball. A little overwhelmed. Kind of a lot on my plate. And if you've met me in person, you know I like to eat!

I'll be attending the Civilian Symposium this year, making the 7 hour trek with my Mom on Wednesday after work. The following weekend I'll be set up at the Kalamazoo Living History Show. And I may be traveling south for spring break. Don't even get me started about this summer!

Stress effects everyone differently. For me, I'll push to near exhaustion, reprimand myself for not working hard enough, and then sleep for awhile when it gets to be too much. Not exactly the most healthy way to go about doing things. Here's what I've been doing to combat my stress...feel free to steal from my list!
1. Afternoon Tea
3. Going to the gym
4. Cooking interesting foods
5. Going to the craft store often
6. Cross stitch
7. Getting a professional massage
8. Organizing
9. Ironing shirts
10. Netflix

So I'm going to keep buzzing around, hopefully a bit more relaxed. If you're going to the Civilian Symposium, come say hi! I'd love to meet everyone!


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