Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday Funny 1/8

So on top of my usual research (which will be up and running next week), I'm going to be doing a thing on Fridays. I shall call it, The Friday Funny. I will find an image from a period source. I will not analyze, study, or try to explain it. I will just appreciate it from a modern perspective with mind to historical context. Sometimes I see something and I'm like-what the heck? Because sometimes, I just wonder about things in the past...

La Mode illustrée: journal de la famille 1861

Join us Billy. Join us.
Are we eating supper?


I have so many questions. Are they eating the mysterious floating lady, or regurgitating her? They are well-dressed children and obviously out to play. Why are they not supervised? Wouldn't this be a wise activity to supervise? Also, the balloon. That sad little balloon is about to float away, just like little Billy's dreams of having a nutritious meal with friends. The French word "rĂ©bus" means puzzle, and I fully understand that sentiment. I am puzzled as to why 19th century children in France are manifesting feet in their mouths. 


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