Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Funny 1/22

A throwback to the early 19th century, with a lovely gentlewoman warming before the fire. A book in her hand, a meal on the table, this lady knows how to enjoy life. Oh the ways to describe the scene!

-A Pair of Breakfast Baked Buns
-The Dowager's Sizzling Derrière
-A Roasting Regency Rump 
-Half Dress Delicate Hindquarters
-Promenading the Pinked Posterior
-A Farthing for the Fiery Fanny
-Waiting for the Chaise while Scorching Cheeks
-The Beau Monde Burnt Buttocks
-Spicing One's Seat in the Sitting Room
-The Ton's Toasty Tush

I hope you're all staying warm and enjoying the "tail end" of your January!


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