Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Jane Austen's Birthday 2015

This year we celebrated dear Jane's 240th birthday at Bravo! Cucina Italiana in Livonia. In sharp contrast to my previous years, I had a friend and fellow JASNA member to attend with me!

Sue and I have been excited for this day ever since she joined JASNA this year. It was a delightful time! My camera did NOT like the restaurant's lighting, so I only have a few pictures. We chatted, ate too much food, played a little game, and sang Happy Birthday to our beloved writer. I always enjoy this event! Though it is usually colder...I only wore a shawl.

As some of my clothing recently shrank in the closet, I needed a new dress. What better way to honor my recently departed Grandma than to make a mourning gown? I had some fabric that was perfectly seasoned, so I worked to get it finished in a day. A long, needle-filled day. But it was finished!

After the luncheon we drove over to Greenmead to visit a few of our friends with the 17th Michigan. We were their "scandalous" grandmothers! There were guest tours around the village, but we came just at the end so we could hang out. Pictures ensued.
Where's the accidental anachronism?

It's these little moments when I get to spend time in history. I am so lucky to have them!

As of now I'm a little sick, so I'm hoping to stay on track with all of my writing. Christmas break is coming up, as is my birthday this Friday! And I maybe have one more awesome trip planned. As if I didn't travel enough this year...


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