Sunday, July 20, 2014

Kristen: Grand Case

No excursion to St. Maarten is complete without a trip over to the French side of the island. A group of us piled into the jeep/car/moped and took the windy mountain path to Grand Case. One of my coworkers who has vacationed on the island suggested the food in Grand Case as a "must do." Restaurants dotted the narrow street, each boasting a particular special on a sign. We decided on La Ville, and the group of us ambled into the tiny space.
Let me just that I was skeptical about the magical powers of French chefs. Honestly, Mexican food is my go-to for specialty foods; I'm fairly certain that no one on this planet can cook better rice than my Grandma. I've developed American taste too...a brat with caramelized onions is particularly tough to beat. Imagine my surprise when I had to "eat" my words. Seriously, the meal was entirely too delicious for my own good...
Amazing cauliflower soup appetizer
My fiancee's fish extravaganza 
My lamb cooked in goat cheese, honey, and rosemary
Chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream 
We took up most of the restaurant with our shenanigans...

I now completely understand why French chefs are magical. The food was matched so perfectly in taste, texture, temperature...I tasted layers of flavor, a depth that I don't often encounter in my meals. The excellent food was accompanied by good company, mainly my fiancee's medical school friends. I love how the conversation flows easily from pop culture to pseudopseudohypothyroidism. It's fun to hear a different perspective of life and its idiosyncrasies (as opposed to mine-glaring at teenagers while I frown most disapprovingly). With only a few weeks left of my vacation here, Grand Case was a treat.

...Well-fed and relaxed...


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