Thursday, July 3, 2014

Kristen: A Classy Fundraiser

All sorts of wonderful things have happened since I've been on the island, and possibly my favorite has been the wine and cheese tasting hosted by my fiancee's fraternity that benefitted a charity organization (it was either for Safe Haven, HIV awareness, or puppies?). I made an extensive menu of foods that I did not photograph, including:

-Red chocolate velvet truffles
-Cheese pasta and veggie with basil bites
-Fresh homemade bread with honey
-Spicy cucumber slices
-Deviled eggs
-Cheesy bruschetta 

The food was demolished by the end of the night! We opened the refrigerator the next morning to eerily bare shelves! I wish I would have taken more pictures but I did so much running around during the day, so by nighttime I really just wanted to relax. Also, I ate waaaay too much cheese, as I usually do at these types of events.

I think I'm spending a bit too much time with all of this doctor folk! I've also started reading a few of my fiancee's books that I find just laying around the house, including pathology and his Step 1 study guide. Most of it is incomprehensible to me, though the pictures are disgustingly fascinating. I think I'll stick with my teaching!


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