Friday, November 22, 2013

Baby Shower from Becky's POV

It was so wonderful for Kristen to host a baby shower for me! She kept many secrets while planning this shower, but little did she know I had a big secret for her!

I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the little school house. I was greatly surprised at the decoration and set up. It was a very cute and personal. 

She personally printed and made cards of quotes and images of baby clothes for decorating the table. Also, see the lemon drops there? I was a big fan of those!

I was very happy to see who was able to come, but before I greeted anyone else, I had to greet the most important guest there: Bernie!

I was "running late" and everyone was hungry so after greetings we ate! Boy! It was delicious! Kristen made some great soup and the drink was great too! I think it was Sprite, Amazon tea and lemon slices.

Games were planned after food and one of the guests taught us an old wives tale. We used an needle on a thread over my stomach to see which way the needle swung. If the needle imitated a pendulum swing, the baby was to be a boy, but if the needle made circles, the baby was a girl. And the needle went in circles! Am I going to have a baby girl?

Pass the envelope was Kristen's planned game! We had to settle down from seeing how many chillin's the other young girls will have. Kristen read a long paragraph about how important it was to see a doctor when a child was sick. I think the subject could have been a little brighter, but we had fun being confused on the direction of passing the envelope. We have played this game at other parties such as Christmas party and other small gatherings.

Presents were next! I would have to say this was my favorite part of the shower, besides the food ;). I thanked everyone for coming because I was truly happy they were able to make it, and then I had a question for Kristen!

I asked her to be the baby's God-Mother and she said YES!

My face was pretty much like this when I opened all the presents. I am so happy to have friends with crafting skills. Most of the gifts were hand made and it made the presents even more special!

I also have to thank my dearest boyfriend. He really is a trooper! He is not yet use to the reenacting lifestyle, but I hope sooner than later he will become more comfortable with it. I gave him a good prep talk before we entered the door and made sure he was comfortable throughout the shower.  

I think he recovered pretty well :)

It was a really fun shower and Kristen did an amazing job. I didnt have to do anything but arrive. She even provided my thank you cards. Im so grateful for her and those who came!



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