Sunday, November 24, 2013

Are You Bold Enough to Be You?

Lookie what I bought!

Im so excited that the book came earlier than expected!

The author, Sarah Chrisman,and her husband collects and demonstrates Victorian clothing, but they do not only present their collection, they wear Late Victorian clothing 24/7, 365 days a year! They emphasize that they are not actors and such, but true ordinary people who like to wear the clothing of their choice.

Sarah has a degree in French and International Studies from the University of Washington. She has traveled to Komatsu to teach English and she has a massage therapist license. Gabriel has a bachelor degree in history and a masters degree in Library science, both from Unviersity of Washington. But however normal and well educated they may seem, they limit their technology of the 21st century and do not have cell phones, television, and Sarah doesnt even own a drivers licence!

Sarah A. Chrisman's Blog and her book (I assume, since I have not read it yet) recaps her four year adventure of wearing her corset and Victorian clothing. In interviews she has expressed that she feels "more sensual and striking in the corset than she has in contemporary clothing." Later in the interview she reveals the physical effects of wearing a corset: "she eats as she pleases and yet, never leaves the table hungry".

Before her 4 year journey
Updated photo shoot
Its clear to see Sarah's transformation between the two images. There are clear physical aspects that have changed, and it may not be my place to say, but I think she even looks happier and healthier. With credit of Estar Hyo-gyung Lee.

If you would like to learn more about Sarah or would like to read along with me, you can Buy the book here!

Sarah and Gabriel are not the only ones who wear historical clothing year round. 

Lauren, from San Diego, wears vintage clothing. She has sewn since she was eight and began studying fashion history when she was fourteen. She graduated with a degree of Fashion Design from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She is often wearing Vintage clothing from the 40's wherever she goes. You can read her blog at Wearing History- Lauren's Blog.

Another Lauren, was interested in historical costuming, not so much of historical clothing, but with years of experience she has grown into a great historical clothing seamstress and has also produced nearly twelve different historical shoes dating from 18th century to the turn of the 19th century. You can reach her shoe and accessory store under "shoe shop" tab through her American Duchess- Lauren's Blog.

Mia, from Georgia, may not be submitting anymore posts on her blog, but you can surely be inspired to wear and live in another time with her blog! Mia's Blog sheds light on her African-American family living on a small "cottage" with her siblings. At the time she kept her blog, she helped raise a small self-sufficient garden, taught her younger siblings, and constantly made homemade goodies!

These four women may not be the only ones wearing their historical clothing at events, but nearly everyday. I would love to find more people braving the 21st Century expectations and to courageously wear what they wish. This is a personal dream that I have had since I was little. It originally began as becoming an actress to just wear the clothing a few hours a day to wearing them during the weekend for historical events. Maybe one day I will be bold enough to wear my corset and clothing daily!

Join me and read Sarah's book! I hope you get enthused to wear your historical clothing outside of an event  just because you wanted to!


  1. This is a wonderful posting.
    I think I would really like to try to do this, though I would need my wife on board, of course. And, though she likes dressing for events, to do it on a daily basis might be just a bit too much for her.

    1. I can see Mrs. G being a little intimidated. You could just do weekends at home, short periods of time during the day, or wear clothing yourself and she may see the positive vibes from your friends to convince her?

  2. What did you think of the book, Becky? I read pros and cons about it on Amazon reviews, but most seemed to like it. Seems like it would be an interesting read.
    -Anne (Veronica's mom)

    1. Hey Anne! I also read the comments. As of right now, I cant confirm or refute the comments of prejudice on her part, but I can say that the way she writes about her mother is a little rude in my views. She has a strong opinion about her mother and she may needed to get that across to other readers, but I think she drives her opinion a little too harsh.

    2. Thanks for the reply. My favorite young reenactor will be receiving it for Christmas. I look forward to reading it too. :)



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