Friday, July 12, 2013

4th o' July Vacation in Traverse City, MI

Last week my boyfriend, his brother, Stephanie, and I went to his Aunts for the 4th of July weekend.
She lived on 35 acres and had a gorgeous house!  

She had the cutest decorations and she decorated everything!

Andys mom has the same "pot" of shoes. They really are wearable shoes!

Along with the Aunt's creativeness, her flowers were in full bloom

What a cute shack! She was happy to tell a lot about her garage sale treasures. 

I LOVED that she had chickens! My dream is to have chickens too.

This duck followed us everywhere around the house. He was so funny. He wagged his tail like a dog.

I brought my doggies on this LONG road trip. They didnt know what to think about the large birds!

We were lucky enough to caught the last day of Traverse's Cherry festival. We had so much fun!

Joe is quite quirky, and that weekend I really saw his personality. 

Stephanie was a great companion! I called her 30 mins before we left for the trip. I say it was the best decision! 

This was our view as we listened the "The Beatles" just before the fireworks.

I hope you had a great Independence Day!

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