Sunday, July 23, 2017

Virginia Floor Cloth and Textiles Company: Floor Cloth Workshop

I had an interesting dilemma this past weekend. Three very fun, very awesome events were taking place at the same time! The yearly Charlton Park Civil War reenactment is one of my favorites. It has a ton of people I think are awesome, And I had been invited to participate at the Motor City Steam Con; while a bit different from my usual historical adventures, it promised to be a wonderful time. Then there was the painted floor cloth workshop. And I knew what I had to do that weekend! Virginia Floor Cloth and Textiles Company
I made this thing

Little known fact: after Greenfield Village this year, my rugs were home to a few wriggling buddies. Which of course spilled all over me when I opened the door to my trailer a week later. (My Dad and I both jumped back in horror-so disgusting!) Those heavy fabric things had seen better days; between mud and bugs, I woefully bid them ado. Then I wondered what I would put on the floor of my tent fly! Along came this workshop, which would address the (now) health issue...

Spread over two days, Virginia and Randy gave wonderful advice, hands on techniques, and research to support their designs and process. Let me just say that when someone hands you documentation at the beginning, you know you'll like it! It was a good time to let my creativity out and about.

They were beyond helpful. Every question answered! And when I (inevitably) messed up lines, Virginia fixed them. She has the steadiest hand I have ever seen. I was so grateful for their help, as the finished product was a spectacular bit of work. The other members of the class were kind and patient; you had to be in order to finish that project! It was such a pretty array of floor cloths when they were all finished.

If I may, this is my HIGH recommendation for taking a class with them. The techniques were solid, documentation was provided, and it was beyond helpful to have someone with you every step of the way. I am a kinesthetic/visual learner, so something like this works well for me. If you're looking for another class, they are doing a BLOCK PRINTING class November 18-19th at Fort Meigs, Ohio. I plan to print some lovely scarves for Christmas presents this year (shhh! no sharing with my family).

Click here to see information about their class at Fort Meigs 
Click here for a google images search with more floor clothes

 Between the floor cloth class, moving, and too many family birthday parties in a row, I may be due just a bit of a break from posting. Just kidding! I have a beadwork post that I'm pretty excited about, and will be rolling out of the blog once my wrist stops hurting so much...


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