Monday, November 28, 2016

Genesee Country Village: Domestic Skills Symposium Day 3

And suddenly it's over. It's hard to return to the doldrums of daily life when one has around-the-clock fun at an historic site. Three days of terrific learning, bonding, and eating can really make any random Tuesday seem like a bore!

We started off our final day with a quick visit to Susan B. Anthony's grave at Mount Hope cemetery in Rochester. It was easy to see the age of this place; old, cracked stones pushed out of the ground in every direction, leaning closer to the earth. Luckily the path was easy to find, and obviously well-worn.  The four of contemplated quite a bit on a sunny autumn day. There's much to think about.

Our last workshop at GCVM was actually a tour by Brian Nagle himself! As 3/4 members of our group work(ed) at Greenfield Village, it was a treat to hear from the director of collections. I highly reccomend the tour-with over 40 furnished historical buildings, it's worth your time! Also, we were allowed to touch (certain) things!

I took a billion pictures, as did the rest of our group. I'm only going to post a few here, mostly my favorites and snippets of what I loved best. We walked for miles, though it felt like it went by too quickly. Suddenly we had to leave. I don't think any of us were ready, but reality tends to intrude upon vacations.
It's hard to explain how much I (we) needed this trip. Spending time with good food, company, and history is like a balm to a weary soul. Every wooden board, every bleating sheep heightened our experience of the past, like the ultimate immersion experience. I half considered quitting my job to move to New York...but I'm certain my fiance could not live without me!
From this we have determined that we would all like to participate in Regency events more. We've even formed a group-quietly-which will be announced when we finished the details. There's isn't a specific organization in Michigan that focuses on Regency living history the way we'd like to try, so you'll be hearing more about us soon!
Also, I'll be stitching

And with that, I must finish this post. Thus begins the long stretch to Christmas break!


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  1. This looks like an absolutely amazing symposium, and I had no idea it existed. Thanks for sharing your experiences and helping me day dream a little about going myself one day.



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