Monday, September 14, 2015

Charlton Park, Port Sanilac, Jackson, Fort Wayne

This summer was a blur. Unfortunately I didn't have the time to post about every event, as is custom. And since the time passed I'm having trouble recalling the details. So I'll just do a post with the pictures and hope you all can put it together somehow. Enjoy!*

*All photos by Ken Giorlando. Because I am too lazy to get out my camera.

Charlton Park
Okay, I remember that at this event, I was mourning the recent loss of my "husband." In reality my Grandma died not too long before. So the mourning held a deeper place in my heart.

Port Sanilac

 And that sums it up. I was a merchant, so my picture-taking took a back seat.

Fort Wayne

There. It feels better to be caught up with my posts. Even if this one is just a gigantic picture post. Can you tell I had fun? Participated in living history? Mourned? Laughed? Ate homemade ice cream? It was a wonderful summer indeed.


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