Friday, July 17, 2015

Las Vegas

The past few weeks have been a constant blur. Running tired from Mexico and my Grandma's funeral, I decided to take a break...for three days, and fly to Las Vegas!
The view from our hotel

I've been to Vegas twice before, each time with family. So it was a real treat to make the trip with people my own age! We stayed at the Hilton Elara, on a floor high enough to make my ears pop in the elevator. See that red stripe down the side of the building? It's a little sitting area that STICKS OUT INTO THE AIR LIKE A FLOATING ROOM OF DEATH. It was a nice place to relax.
Did I mention the Starbucks?

We packed quite a bit into the 6 day vacation. As soon as we were on the strip, we walked around the hotels. I came to a few startling conclusions:

1. There are NO FLAMINGOS at the Flamingo Hotel.
2. The Bellagio's underwater garden actually uses flowers.
3. Thousands of Swarovski crystals make for a pretty bar at the Cosmopolitan 
 No flamingos!
The fish aren't real...

From there we ran around and did about 10,000 things. It's easy to do in Vegas. One can find amazing shows every night, delicious restaurants open 24/7, and entertainment on every corner. Vegas is like a big play place for adults. Businesses line the streets begging for attention and $. There is so much to do in such a small space!
My view for the show
 The Bellagio water performance!
The Luxor faux Chichen Itza
My newfound fear of heights in the Stratosphere

A few of the exhibits at the Luxor were especially interesting. First I saw the Bodies exhibit, complete with fully "animated" human remains used to educate the public. Next I jumped into the Titanic exhibit...and loved it! I saw both shows during my past trips, but seeing them again as an adult gave me a different perspective. Unfortunately no photography for either,

We packed a bit into the last day too. Our last dinner in Vegas? The Heart Attack Grill!
350 lbs eat free!
 Yes they offer that size
 I encountered high culture...
 ...and the vegan menu?
My Civil War people should love this...
 I definitely finished my "single bypass burger"
 But not all of my cream shake (yes that is a chunk of butter)

Our last show? Cirque du Soleil's Ka.

But alas, all good things must come to an end. By the last day I was ready to come home to my own bed and avoid that 110 degree heat. Las Vegas was fun, but nothing beats a Michigan summer!

This just goes to show, what happens in Vegas...

...goes on my blog!


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