Thursday, April 2, 2015

2015 Fort Wayne National Park Day

I returned this year to help with the National Park Day cleanup. Last year I had the opportunity to support the fort, which you can read about in this blog post. I'm still in awe of this historical site; it's beauty and physical presence in Detroit are part of the reason I'm drawn to it. 

I got to hang out with the Boy Scouts again this year, and what a nice group of young men! It was our task to clear out the ditches surrounding the fort. Here's a joke: how many Boy Scouts does it take to raze the earth? Answer: about 10. I'm so proud of their destroying abilities!
Pictured: The reason why my arms were sore for 3 days

A bonus for this year! The University of Michigan were a part of the Detroit Partnership, which sent hundreds of people to volunteer at locations across Michigan. It was nice to see my alma mater contribute to a site I care about, and I took time to talk to a few of the volunteers. Over 100 students showed up early on a Saturday, which is no small feat considering college kids! Tom Berlucchi, the chairman of The Historic Fort Wayne Coalition,  was equally impressed by the amount of volunteers!

I did have to leave a bit early to start getting ready for Becky bachelorette party (pottery painting!) but I was able to visit with a few of the 21st members. They were working just as hard as me! Other units were represented too, including the 15th and 24th Michigan. I am so proud of the reenacting community, coming together to preserve history!
Robbie showing off his log-carrying leadership skills
A loving, tired reenacting family!

Just like last year my muscles ached. It was hard, satisfying work! More members of the 21st Michigan volunteered this year, which makes me proud. While this aspect of reenacting is not as glamourous as the dresses or jewelry, I feel it is just as important. As members of the reenacting community, it is our duty to think about historical preservation!


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