Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Awesome that was 1864...errr I mean 2014

Well, I'm back at it again! I know this is not the longest I've gone without posting, but I do feel slightly guilty for not keeping up with my writing schedule. I had planned on "catching up" with my shop/blog/life during this Christmas unfortunate cold has laid me low for most of the past few weeks. Just when I thought my health improved (ahem, I started running around doing my stuff), I would relapse into a dizzying, bed-ridden diva. Let's just say I'm not accustomed to sickness.
It's just a flesh wound!

This January brings the third year of this blog's existence, an amazing writing/historical journey so far! I thought I would use this blog post to remind myself of 2014's great moments, great events, and the great plans for 2015. Of course I will include too many pictures! And thanks to Ken Giorlando for taking about 99% of the living history photos!

 Best of 2014
 Baby Shower for Becky
 Auto Show Charity Preview with Dad!
 Jane Austen at the Plymouth Night at the Museum
 21st Michigan Civilian Meeting
Fort Wayne Clean Up
Cynthia's Birth!
 Cynthia's Baptism!
Greenfield Village

 Volunteering in St. Maarten
 McDonald's in St. Maarten (yes that is important)
 Port Sanilac 
 Jackson (first time as sutler!)
Earned my Master's Degree at Wayne State (ate many sandwiches)
My friend Alysse's Zombie Wedding

Waterloo Farm
Crossroads Village carrying...caroling?
Jane Austen Annual Dinner
 Fort Wayne Christmas
Dad earning his Bachelor's Degree!

Of course these are the "best of" moments, captured by a camera. Life cannot always be a posed smile. It has been a year of long distance for my fiance and I, a year of stressful classes to receive my degree, and my childhood pet Sammy finally got his chew toy in the sky (15 years!). But even these harder times remind me of the beauty that is this life, a constant motion of twists, turns, and lazy bends. I am grateful for every moment of 2014!

Future Plans
This list must include my "resolutions," though I tend to stay away from such a notion. By February most people forget about those extra pounds or Oprah's books. However I do secretly love to make lists for my future. They must be specific, and certainly attainable. I'm not allowed to stop if I only partly finish one. I shall call them "personal promises" and leave it at that.

1. Continue playing soccer!
2. Stay dedicated to at least 3 workouts a week/12 a month
3. Eat 5 servings of fruits/veggies a day
4. Try that "clean 10 minutes a day" thing

1. Participate in a grant-writing workshop
2. Write 1 blog post a week
3. Write articles for 21st Michigan newsletter
4. Read an intro chem book

1. 18th century ensemble
2. 1910 ensemble
3. Punch paper card sets
4. Scrapbook previous years!

1. A new, researched item in my shop once a month!
2. Participate in 3 sutlering events this year
3. Update book-keeping systems
4. Do at least 1 "give away" this year!

This might seem like copious amounts of plans. Most are topics that I've discussed previously, either on this blog or with family/friends. Apparently I have a "Type A" personality, one that lends itself to a "workaholic" mentality with a side of impatience (also, coronary heart disease???). By listing specific, attainable goals as "personal promises," I am able to manage the stress that is my personality type! I should add copious amounts of meditation somewhere to this list...
As long as there's food...

So there it is. 2014 in a nutshell. I am so very excited to see what this next year will bring! Happy new year to you, my reader and confidante!


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