Thursday, April 3, 2014

Kristen: Catching up

It has been awhile since my last post...a month at least! With all of these crazy activities going on, I thought I should update everyone on the excessive amounts of movement in my life!

1. Little Cynthia was born!
At just under 2 months at the time of this writing, the child is seriously cute. Adorable. Cuddly. She is currently the apple of everyone's eye...meaning that the importance of this blog is at a far second! Massive amounts of doting is taking place at this time.

2. My Master's Essay
My research for my final academic work follows The Sewing Academy website and how the research techniques follow rhetorical feminist theory. Whew! I keep writing drafts, most of which are torn to shreds and then put together again. Thus is the life of an English major! It has become my most exhausting class, on top of the other two I am already taking! As a result, I've had less of a desire to write anything at all, even for fun...sorry blog...

3. Family Time
In the past few months, I've traveled thousands of miles to visit family/fiance. I visited St. Maarten, skiied at Boyne mountain, and spent a few days in Caseville (all three weekends in a row!). Just as soon as I unpack my bag, another family event arises. Exhaustion much?

4. Exercise
A little farther on the list than I'd like, I'm still keeping up with a fitness routine. One week I completed 500 min of cardio/weight training! Most weeks are not that intense, but I am happy to report a 15 pound weight loss from September of this year. Also, less sweating walking up a flight of stairs and new clothes.

5. Sewing
Surprise! I am actually still sewing and whatnot. I keep having Etsy sales, including my first sewing basket. Recent support from my fellow reenactors has made me think about opening a sutlery at Jackson this year. I'm still thinking about it, though I will be stocking my shop occasionally until this summer.

Whew! Back to my papers now...


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